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It is more than music, it is an orchestra. It is more than an orchestra, it is a fellowship. It does not matter who you are, where you come from. In fact it does not matter where you will continue on your way. It does not matter how old you are, if you are working as an unskilled worker or a top manager. It does not matter if your instrument is worth a cheap meal or a new car. There are no status symbols, only genuine symbols, just as many as we are. Even if we are many, we are not just a loud crowd. We are not alike, but we are not different either. We all need to be there, to be someone together and you are exactly that person we can not miss.

CITYROCKS was founded by a group of friends and musicians in Szeged, Hungary, 2017. The aim of the initiative is to bring live music, including rock music, to as many people as possible, and to provide a concert experience for amateurs who have only been able to play at home so far, in addition to professional and experienced musicians. Participants in CITYROCKS include children in the same way as the older age group. There is no lower or upper age limit. At the concerts so far, the youngest instrumental participant was 8 and the oldest was 74 years old. Another basic goal of CITYROCKS is to create a cohesive, music-loving and cultivating community, in addition to promoting live music and rock.

Following the pioneering initiative of the Italian Rockin1000, CITYROCKS first organized its special rock flashmob in Szeged in 2018, and since then they have given major orchestra concerts and a full-day music program in several Hungarian cities and abroad (Transylvania).

Musicians from all over the Carpathian Basin, as well as from Poland, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, France and Italy, regularly come to CITYROCKS events. CITYROCKS social networking sites have more than 140,000 followers (Facebook, Youtube), and more than 150 million people have watched their videos worldwide through their own interfaces and partner content providers.

CITYROCKS also organizes multi-day music camps, where in addition to concerts, they help novice musicians with music education and orchestral rehearsals. A special moving concert (RockTruck) is organized for the camp residents - among other programs - where 50 musicians walk around the streets of the city hosting the camp on board in a truck, while playing Hungarian and international rock classics.

Every city that hosts the production for one day will be the capital of live music, a one-way community, and thus part of that community itself. It’s not primarily about the music, it’s about the music, by making music together about what all connects us.

Join the biggest rock band in Central Europe! And you’ll soon realize you’re connected to something much bigger than a loud crowd.

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